Marketing in the medical device, life sciences and pharma realm means countless opportunities to promote your product or device and increase brand awareness. From traditional marketing tactics such as billboards to more out-of-the-box ideas like VR, the possibilities can seem endless. Sometimes this is a good thing, and other times, it can cause overwhelm. And that overwhelm can lead to paralysis. While tempting, the answer is not “do nothing.” Here are three ways to overcome marketing overwhelm:

Start with target market research

When things get busy, slowing down to collect data can seem counterintuitive. However, in our 10 years of healthcare marketing, we have yet to find a strategy as successful as this one at nailing down an effective marketing strategy. Target market research allows organizations to hone in on their target audiences’ wants and needs. It allows organizations to uncover what kinds of messaging resonate best with their ideal customers. And it can show what kinds of media the target audience pays attention to most. Once this is complete, the marketing materials will feature one consistent, meaningful marketing message to be delivered using the media that will most effectively reach the target audience.

Tell your story

Storytelling is making big waves in the medical device, life sciences and pharma industries because it’s a powerful tool that helps bridge the gap between science and life-changing outcomes for patients. Storytelling puts emotions behind the technology in a way that allows users to connect with a device or product. Storytelling can take many forms, making it that much easier to implement – website updates, videos, blog posts, social media, television and radio, with VR becoming an increasingly strong marketing opportunity.

Appoint a leader

Team-wide overwhelm may be caused by too many cooks in the kitchen and no real chef. When the marketing is distributed among multiple team members or outside vendors, it can feel cobbled together. To create a more cohesive system that works efficiently and produces results, consider having one person lead the charge. Ideas and approvals will flow through this person, giving the entire team a clear process for implementing, deploying and measuring marketing tactics. You can always appoint an outside leader, too. Marketing agencies have experts on staff who can help you to create a program that runs on time and on budget and keeps the entire team accountable.

When marketing overwhelm strikes, these three tips can help keep things moving. For additional support, contact a Viv marketing expert today.