The Importance of Reviews in the Digital Age

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Thanks to the wonders of the internet, the world is more connected, and consumers have a louder voice than ever before. This is largely positive for businesses and consumers alike. According to Think with Google, most reviews are 4-5 stars and written with the intent of altruism rather than revenge. They also note how even bad reviews provide an opportunity for businesses to engage with customers and potentially foster goodwill for their brand. Reviews can be especially valuable for medical manufacturers, especially those who provide direct-to-consumer goods like dietary supplements and wearable health monitoring devices.

This may not come as a shock, but Facebook is a huge resource for business reviews. With 2.27 billion monthly active users as of September 2018, the site has an absolutely massive audience, creating a big opportunity to get eyes on reviews of your company. Amazon is another important resource, provided that your products are sold there. Increasing good reviews can help improve search rankings, allowing your product to appear higher on the list of results. If your products are not sold on Amazon, consider doing so. When potential customers are doing research, Amazon reviews are often among the first results for “[product] + review.” Not only that, but when they go to your Amazon page to read reviews, they are only a click away from making the actual purchase!

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Try getting in the habit of asking for customer reviews. Consider an automated email campaign thanking customers and asking them to leave reviews. Amazon independent sellers can also include packaging inserts, small cards included with orders asking customers to take action on a variety of things, from following them on social media to leaving a review. It’s important to remember not to ask for a good review or offer incentives/rewards for reviews, as this is against Amazon’s policy.

For more complex or expensive devices which may not be sold directly to consumers, consider suggesting your device for review by Which Medical Device. They are an independent, clinician-led review resource for medical devices.

Keep these strategies in mind and you’re sure to be generating good reviews in no time! Stay tuned to our blog for more industry tips and insights.


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