Even the boldest medical marketing gets bogged down by brand guidelines, regulatory compliance, and legal reviews. Here are four cardinal rules for speeding up processes and more quickly getting the marketing… well, to market.

Be happy, not right

Too often it feels like legal takes brilliant creative materials and sucks the life right out of it. As marketers, it’s our job to remember that 80% is good enough. Getting the campaign to market is more important than getting it “right.” The boss and stakeholders will be happy when the results are pouring in, not when each piece has just enough white space or exactly the right text. And at the end of the day, patient lives are changed when we get them educated on the offering and using it. Implement changes mandated by the legal department with little question rather than trying to negotiate for more artistic integrity. At the end of the day, making the changes and moving on will make lots of lives better.

Precision project management

Marketing guru David Baker teaches the importance of separating the project manager and marketing delivery roles. Those producing and delivering the work to market have too much pride in their projects to practice restraint with time and budget parameters. Delegate project management to a non-production person who has no preference for the final creative outcome, putting them solely in charge of monitoring time and budget. Productivity and profits will soar.

Make brand standards the bible

Too often we see medical companies with outdated or confused brand standards, that are not properly using brand standards or don’t have brand standards at all. Dust off the brand standards that you have, review as a team and ask, “What’s relevant and what’s not?” Any standards that are not being applied 100% consistently are not standards after all. It may be time for a brand refresh. Certainly, if the organization does not yet have brand standards but does have any real vision for significant growth, it’s time to develop brand standards.

Train and inspire the team

Are the sales and marketing teams butting heads again? Marketing initiatives lacking the luster they used to have? Sales efforts strong but falling short of targets? It may be time to train the team. An inspired team is a productive team, and a productive team breaks through red tape and gets real results.

Wendy O’Donovan Phillips is CEO of Viv, serving the medical industry for 10 years. The agency offers more than 50 different marketing tactics, all backed by research. Wendy has been honored by the American Marketing Association for excellence in her field, and she has been hired by the American Dental Association as an expert consultant in marketing.