When devising the approach to selling your medical device, it’s imperative that marketing efforts stay at the forefront of the process from the earliest possible stage. Pre-development marketing can help poise your product for success before it’s even been constructed! Much of these efforts are focused on generating interest, excitement or buzz. You may have seen these pre-development strategies employed by major companies like Apple and Google, but they can also be utilized in the medtech industry.


Consider posting anticipatory posts through your various channels in anticipation of the product. Posting in medtech industry publications and advertising on popular industry sites is a good way to stimulate word-of-mouth buzz. You may also consider leaving an air of mystery about specifics, to allow the intrigue to spark even more interest. Therese Palmere, Of New York based digital marketing agency Aumcore advises “Remember this is a pre-marketing strategy. You don’t want to give away all your cards at once! For now, start to familiarize your users with the concept of your new product. Tease your audience by making posts and sending emails that leave hints on what your product can do. Don’t reveal anything too concrete, instead show your users your product’s potential.”


To this end, consider developing a timeline both on when to post about the product and how to frame it or how much information to provide as the advertising push builds steam. Creating this timeline is beneficial on two levels. First: those in your industry and potential customers will stay engaged due to the crescendo of information. Secondly: it will help your development team stay aware of where things in the process are and should be.


Another aspect of pre-development marketing is to take preorders. This way, you can generate revenue to contribute to the marketing push once the product has officially launched. Smaller firms might also consider crowdsourcing– presenting a product they intend to build with the help of customer funding.

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