This medical device company came to Viv to revitalize the company’s brand, increase competitive edge and improve already high-performing marketing strategies to increase device sales.


Viv completed market research by surveying medical device users and internal staff and analyzing data to create a brand foundation for the company.

Based on the survey data, the following are the highest ranked marketing tactics for capturing the target audience’s attention:

  • Word-of-mouth marketing: 81%
  • Online search: 75%
  • Events: 56%
  • In-practice demo: 43%
  • Website: 37%
  • Video demo: 31%

The data also showed that the highest and best use of marketing dollars would be to cultivate middle-of-the-funnel sales, specifically by getting prospective device buyers to CE courses. It was also determined that it would be best to discontinue direct mail, radio and print marketing efforts that were not as well received by the target market and were not producing the desired return on investment.

Specific recommendations included:

  • Increase brand awareness by promoting CE courses and training events on social media. Advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn provides cost-effective opportunities to gain brand exposure among relevant audiences.
  • Create patient education materials to provide to doctors. These materials will encourage patients to accept treatment that utilizes the devices. These materials will educate patients in the advantages of the devices and related treatment options, which will increase awareness for the device among the public. More education will assist in higher acceptance rates, which will also encourage doctors and clients to share knowledge and value of the devices with fellow doctors.
  • Update the website to increase sales and keep the device top-of-mind for doctors. Implement a shopping cart for doctors to purchase the product directly from the website as well as a login portal that stores all the marketing materials doctors need to promote treatment that utilizes the devices.
  • Develop promotional videos to market the device itself as well as the company’s CE courses. Videos will be used on social media, the website, online advertising campaigns and more, to provide engaging and educational content about the device.
  • Use content marketing to change the target audience’s behaviors through educating rather than selling. Implement a content marketing campaign to promote CE courses, which will educate the audience about the advantages of the device without being explicitly promotional. Create an editorial calendar that focuses on educating doctors about the device, while encouraging them to attend a training, watch a webinar, sign up for a demo, etc.
  • Develop a webinar or lecture series to OMS residents to introduce the device and demonstrate the advantages of using this particular device over others. A webinar or lecture series will provide the opportunity to gather contact information that can then be used to move leads down the sales funnel.
  • Use online marketing, specifically Google Shopping, to sell devices to those searching online for devices like this one.
  • Promote CE courses and events using Google AdWords, which will target online users searching for CE courses related to oral surgery.


Viv created brand messaging and a mood board that represented the company’s target audience, the founder’s vision and the true benefits and value of the medical device, as stated by the target audience or survey participants. Viv also created a strategic marketing plan to define which marketing tactics would be most influential among potential medical device buyers.

Viv delivered the patient education materials and promotional videos. The company’s in-house marketing team executed the remaining recommendations with Viv’s help in prioritization and scheduling for completion.

The company has achieved increased brand awareness and clarity as well as improved market saturation with Viv’s efforts.

From the Client

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for what you and your team have been doing for us. I enjoyed our call yesterday and, the more I think about what you presented to us, the more I am impressed with what you did. It is a pleasure working with you.”

– Company CEO