Who is Your Device?

Over the past ten years, Viv has surveyed hundreds of individuals in order to create strong brand identities and brand personas for the organizations impacting those individuals.

Why is this important for your medical device company?

A brand persona is a list of attributes, values, behaviors, likes/dislikes, personality traits, etc. that best present the person whom the target audience will most want to befriend. The brand persona is not the target audience, but the personality of the brand. They may be similar, but they certainly don’t have to be the same person.

For example, Viv recently completed market research for a dental medical device company. Through a series of questions, we identified the brand persona as having the following traits: sharp, classy, precise, high-performance, luxury and stylish. A large portion of the target audience is female, but that didn’t mean that the brand persona would necessarily be feminine. There are several ways to appeal to both men and women with a strong brand persona.

In creating a brand persona for your medical device, we recommend integrating questions such as these into your target market research:

• If this brand were a person…
o Would it be male or female?
o What kind of car would he/she drive?
o What kind of profession would he/she have?
o What three words would best describe his/her personality?
o How old would he/she be?
o What would be her/his favorite color?
o How much schooling would he/she have completed?

Once this data has been collected, trends in responses will be revealed and documented. This foundation in turn leads to an accurate, lasting brand persona. The brand persona can be detailed in words and images to ensure that all future marketing materials fully integrate the “person” behind the brand.

Additionally, with storytelling emerging as such a prominent messaging tactic, you can use your brand persona to build or enhance your brand’s story. Consider your brand persona not only in what your website looks and reads like, but the story it tells. How is the user journey impacted by the persona? What kinds of content will be produced based on the persona? What is the buying process that will be most effective when considering this persona? When considering the implementations of marketing tactics, the brand persona shifts from an elusive idea to a strategic part of your marketing plan.