Analysis & Research In Healthcare Markets

At Viv, we begin with in-depth market analysis and competitor research, surveying customers and influencers to establish a variety of key metrics in order to build your brand. How is your type of brand perceived in the market for products and services used by your target market and top competitors?  What values and beliefs are vital to your organization and target consumer? What is your positioning?  These are just a few questions we seek to answer at the earliest stages of brand development.

Develop a Medical Brand Identity and Culture

Once we have established a baseline for brand development, it’s time to begin integrating your values, features, and positioning into the messaging and images of your marketing strategy.  Viv can help to build company culture into your online marketing through an omni-market approach.  As we often say, our marketing targets the eyes, mind, and heart. We want to make a strong first impression with beautiful color schemes, high-resolution visuals, and intuitive interactivity. Additionally, we seek to incorporate strong values while providing useful, relatable and informative content. Your brand means more than simply a product or service to the consumer so why portray it any differently?

Logo Concepts & Design

One of the most important starting points for brand development is the creation and design of a logo.  Viv will create an identifiable and captivating visual element that encompasses your brand’s unique identity. Your new logo will integrate on all visual media that represent the company, which is why it is so important to capture the core values and perceived image of the organization. At Viv, we believe that your logo should be memorable, timeless, versatile and 100% representative of your brand.

Brand Reputation Management

Congratulations, you have built an amazing brand! But, it doesn’t end when designs are mocked, developed and launched. Branding is as much about maintaining brand equity as it is about developing image and culture. Viv consistently monitors industry trends, reviews, ratings, and opportunities to further improve and protect your hard earned brand equity.

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