4 Fixes for Disjointed Marketing

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Marketing plans always start with the best of intentions. Team-wide strategy sessions are held. Tactics are documented. Budgets are finalized. And then life happens. The sales team decides the website needs to be updated. Your boss sees a Facebook ad for a similar device and wants to try that now. You know the drill. How do you keep your strategic marketing from spiraling out of control, and staying, well, strategic? We have 4 fixes for disjointed marketing plans to keep you on track and propelling towards your goals.


  1. Do your research. When given the opportunity to pursue new marketing initiatives, it’s important to make a choice based on research and reality. One way to do that is through market research. Survey your best customers and referrers to uncover which marketing tactics they pay attention to most. That way, when your boss approaches you wanting to run a Snapchat filter, you can pull actual data that shows your target audience is more likely to pay attention to Facebook.


  1. Create a strong brand message and image. Do you know how you are different from competitors? Do you know why your customers chose your product over others? Find out what makes your company shine by asking them! Use the information gleaned from your customers and referrer surveys to help shape brand messaging. Then, use that brand messaging as inspiration for imagery. Gather photos, shapes and colors that represent the message and combine the two to create a strong brand identity.

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MGMA Brainstorm Case Study
  1. Sing from the same song sheet. Once you have a strong brand message and image, make sure everyone on your marketing and sales team is adhering to it. A huge part of implementing impactful marketing campaigns is to have one consistent message. You don’t want to confuse people with what you offer or blend in with your competition. Stand apart by having everyone follow the same brand guidelines.


  1. Keep the big picture in mind. Regularly come back to the big goal of your marketing plan to ensure your day-to-day activities are aligned with what you set out to accomplish. If you get distracted producing video marketing, writing blogs and running Facebook ads, but your goal was to gain more brand awareness, you may need to step back. Distractions are a major source of disjointed marketing plans.